What is PrimeTimes.Golf?

PrimeTimes.Golf (PTG) facilitates the use of golf as a business development platform. We secure “prime time” tee times, which are times that enable pre or post-round meals or drinks, so morning rounds beginning around 9 AM and afternoon rounds beginning from 1 PM. At premiere courses, these are highly coveted time slots, and it is a great challenge for most people to secure these tee times, especially for groups of 3-12 players. PTG purchases large group bookings from premiere courses many weeks in advance and sells tee times within those group bookings to people who want to build relationships with clients, prospects or colleagues on beautiful courses followed by a meal and/or an adult beverage or two.

What are PrimeTimes.Golf’s service offerings and pricing for each?

Client/Team Golf – In this scenario, the hosts know the players he/she invites. PTG charges the host $20 per player (including themselves) and enables the host to either pay or let the player pay for each player’s green fees. These green fees may be slightly more or less than the course published individual rates. Each course has different group rate policies. Check Out our listings.

Prospecting Connection Golf – In this scenario, the host is a salesperson who tells us the profile of prospects they would like to invite to golf. We identify those people and send them invitations to meet the host over a round of golf. Today, we do not charge for the introduction. The host pays the greens fee and platform fee for himself and his guests.

Affinity Groups - These groups enable people to join regularly scheduled events with people of similar professions, industry, affinities & communities, or non-profit or charity support interests. People may join existing groups or request their own. No charge for either. The only costs to join these groups are the greens fees and platform fee for the events the player chooses to join.

ValueGolf Club –  ValueGolf Club Members pay $50 per month for access to the unsold slots calendar 3 days prior to events. Each member can play up to 3 rounds per month on a first come, first serve basis. If there is more than one slot available in the event the ValueGolf Club member selects, the member can invite friends to join at a cost of just $50 per additional round. So, for $50, members get chances to play up to 3 rounds of golf a month at premiere courses.

Dan’s Elite Bottom Feeder Club – Inspired by the cheapest golfer we know, this club enables people who have fast fingers and flexible schedules to pick up 1 free round per month via access to a 24 hour calendar of unsold rounds. 

Does it cost more to use PrimeTimes.Golf than booking directly?

PrimeTimes.Golf adds a $20 platform fee to each player round. However, in some cases, our volume purchasing power enables us to achieve a discount on the green fees such that your total cost is equivalent or even lower than if you purchase directly, but the value is that we secure in advance prime tee times so you don’t have to plan ahead, wait until midnight or queue up early morning to get the times and courses necessary for quality time with your clients. In some cases, players will also receive product samples or discount codes for golf related products or services.

What is the cancelation policy?

We accept cancelations 72 hours in advance with a $50 per player cancellation fee.

How does the prospecting connection service work?

First, fill in this form: Create your Ideal Client Profile – Primetimes Golf. This is where you enter the description of your ideal client (industry,  function, title seniority, geography, etc). We will then email you with a list of people who meet that profile who have consented to invitations to golf from relevant vendors. Then, let us know which people you would like to invite and when and where. See golf booking calendar for available tee times. We then confirm with the people you have selected and, if good for them, you make the booking and invite them. If they request another time, we let you know.

How is the prospecting connection service priced?

Today, there is no additional charge for the introduction service. The host pays the greens fee and the platform fee for himself and all his/her guests. 

How does the Value Golf Club work?

When a new member joins the ValueGolf Club, we charge the member’s card $50 and enroll the member in recurring billing. The subscription begins on the day of purchase and the subscriber receives three tokens they use to pay for the rounds they select.  The tokens can only be used for events 72 hours in advance.

Where does PrimeTimes.Golf operate?

We are starting in San Diego, California and will expand nationwide in 2024. If there are areas you want us to cover next, please let us know at hello@primetimes.golf.

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