Craig Nolan, VP Sales, Virtual Synergy, Inc.

Fantastic Golf Networking April 19 event at Arrowood. Met some great business leaders and owners, who I can definitely support and who can support me in my business. The golf was amazing, the 19th hole was enlightening, and the setup was great, and I hope to attend more!

Eric Ozarowski, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Partner, Six Degrees Networking

I lead a community of business professionals and cannot think of a better way to deepen the relationships with the golfers in our community than playing a round together. PrimeTimes.Golf makes it dangerously easy to play more golf AND build my business.

Myron Duckens, VP Worldwide Sales, Rectitude 369

The golf round was incredible. Got to meet new people. To be able to network and play golf on a beautiful day like today...this is some thing I could get use to...

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