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Known Player Rounds

PrimeTimes.Golf simplifies business golf by enabling reservations of 2-16 players at prime times on premiere courses 1-60 days in advance. Whether you are planning a team-building event or spur of the moment client golf, PrimeTimes.Golf takes the hassle and uncertainty out of securing the convenient times and high quality venues business golfers need.

We also understand that there are different payment scenarios in business golf. In some cases, it is absolutely appropriate for a host to pay for their client’s green fees. In other cases, it is inappropriate or, worse, impermissible to offer gifts like golf rounds. So, we enable you to specify whether the host or the player pays for each round.

And, in business as in life, schedules can change. We get it. All rounds can be refunded with just a $50 cancellation fee 72 hours in advance of tee time.

To make a booking, please review the course calendars in your destination city.

Introduced Player Rounds

Would you rather begin a relationship with a new client on a Zoom call or over a round of golf? If you prefer golf to Zoom, the Introduced Player Round service is for you. We combine lead generation and golf bookings to enable you to simply tell us your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and walk onto a golf course to begin your relationship with prospects who meet your ICP and have accepted your invitation to meet you over a round of golf. The fee for this service is $250 per introduced player plus the applicable greens and service fees.

Special Interest Groups

Be it profession, industry, or community, regularly scheduled golf outings with like-minded people are both fun and a great way to expand your network and stay in touch.

We manage SIGs, enable people to suggest new SIGs, assess applicants to join SIGs and schedule golf outings with the cadence, venues and timings the SIG members request.

Subscription Clubs

PrimeTimes.Golf makes advance commitments to large numbers of players to each club to secure the prime tee times we offer. The risk to this business model is unsold or cancelled rounds. Our stragegy to mitigate this risk is to operate subscription clubs offering access to this unsold inventory at incredible value.

Value Golf Club

This club costs $50 per month and provides access to a calendar showing unsold inventory 3 days in advance and allows each member to take up to 3 rounds per month free of charge on a first come first serve basis.

You can join the ValueGolf Club waiting list now. We will send you the first month subscription form when the club launches.

Dan's Elite Bottom Feeder Club

If $50 is too much for you, you should meet Dan! Dan loves golf, is as cheap as they come, and asked us to create a club just for him, so we did…Dan’s Elite Bottom Feeder Club gives people with fast fingers and flexible schedules access to calendars showing unsold inventory 24 hours in advance for the chance to snag up to 1 free round per month for just $5 a month.

You can join waiting list now. We will send you the first month subscription form when the club launches.

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