Beginner Group Lesson, Vineyard at Escondido, June 15

One time group lesson: Objective: Discover the foundational principles of golf and cultivate essential skills to lay a solid groundwork for future advancement in a group environment. Lesson Duration: 60 minutes Equipment Needed: Golf clubs (Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter) What to Expect: 1. Introduction (5 minutes): - Participants will be greeted upon arrival. - The instructor will inquire about each participant's golf experience and objectives for the lesson. - An overview of the lesson will be given. 2. Golf Basics Overview (5 minutes): - The instructor will explain the fundamental rules and etiquette of golf. - Demonstrations will be given by the instructor on correct club grip and stance. 3. Putting Fundamentals (15 minutes): - Participants will gather around the putting green under the guidance of the instructor. - The instructor will demonstrate the proper grip, stance, and stroke for putting. - Participants will engage in practice sessions focusing on short putts to enhance control and consistency. 4. Chipping and Pitching (15 minutes) - The group will transition to an area designated for short chip shot practice. - Proper chipping and pitching techniques will be demonstrated by the instructor. - Participants will have the opportunity to practice hitting chip shots towards various targets. 5. Full Swing Basics (15 minutes): - Moving to the driving range, the instructor will lead participants in full swing practice. - Demonstrations of grip, setup, and swing basics will be provided by the instructor. - Participants will focus on making solid contact with the ball during their practice swings. 6. Wrap-Up and Q&A (5 minutes): - The instructor will summarize the key points covered throughout the lesson. - Participants will be encouraged to ask any questions they may have. - Recommendations for further practice and resources will be provided by the


Jun 15, 2024

Time of Day

4:00 pm


The Vineyard at Escondido, 925 San Pasqual Rd, Escondido, CA 92025

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