Golf for Beginners

Want to learn golf, meet other adult beginners, and not spend a fortune in the process? We got you!

We offer 4 lesson courses, single lesson introductions, and both group and individual formats. See the detail for each below. The venue is The Vineyards Golf Course in Escondido. Profile of the instructor, Tyler Blythe, is also below. We will contact people who sign up for this group to determine which option and schedule they prefer. The cost of each lesson is $60, inclusive of instruction, facilities, and range balls.

Comprehensive Group Lesson Plan for Beginners:
Objective: Provide beginners with a comprehensive introduction to golf, covering all aspects of the game to build a strong foundation for improvement.
Duration: 4 weeks (1 lesson per week, 60 minutes each)
Materials Needed: Golf Clubs (Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter)

Week 1: Putting and Short Game Basics
• Introduction to golf etiquette and rules.
• Putting grip, stance, and stroke fundamentals.
• Chipping and pitching technique.
• Practice drills for putting and short game.

Week 2: Full Swing Fundamentals
• Review of putting and short game basics.
• Grip, setup, and alignment for the full swing.
• Introduction to the concept of the swing plane.
• Basic drills for improving full swing consistency.

Week 3: Iron Play and Course Management
• Recap of putting, short game, and full swing fundamentals.
• Iron play basics: setup, ball position, and swing mechanics.
• Understanding course management: club selection, shot strategy, and course etiquette.
• On-course simulation or strategy discussion.

Week 4: Driver and Bunker Play
• Review of previous lessons’ key points.
• Driver setup, tee height, and swing mechanics.
• Introduction to bunker play: setup, swing technique, and strategy.
• On-course practice or simulation with focus on driving accuracy and bunker shots

One time group lesson:
Objective: Discover the foundational principles of golf and cultivate essential skills to lay a solid groundwork for future advancement in a group environment.
Lesson Duration: 60 minutes
Equipment Needed: Golf clubs (Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter)

What to Expect:
1. Introduction (5 minutes):
– Participants will be greeted upon arrival.
– The instructor will inquire about each participant’s golf experience and objectives for the lesson.
– An overview of the lesson will be given.

2. Golf Basics Overview (5 minutes):
– The instructor will explain the fundamental rules and etiquette of golf.
– Demonstrations will be given by the instructor on correct club grip and stance.

3. Putting Fundamentals (15 minutes):
– Participants will gather around the putting green under the guidance of the instructor.
– The instructor will demonstrate the proper grip, stance, and stroke for putting.
– Participants will engage in practice sessions focusing on short putts to enhance control and consistency.

4. Chipping and Pitching (15 minutes)
– The group will transition to an area designated for short chip shot practice.
– Proper chipping and pitching techniques will be demonstrated by the instructor.
– Participants will have the opportunity to practice hitting chip shots towards various targets.

5. Full Swing Basics (15 minutes):
– Moving to the driving range, the instructor will lead participants in full swing practice.
– Demonstrations of grip, setup, and swing basics will be provided by the instructor.
– Participants will focus on making solid contact with the ball during their practice swings.

6. Wrap-Up and Q&A (5 minutes):
– The instructor will summarize the key points covered throughout the lesson.
– Participants will be encouraged to ask any questions they may have.
– Recommendations for further practice and resources will be provided by the

Instructor Profile:

Tyler Blythe, Teaching Professional Bio:

Tyler Blythe brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and dedication to the world of golf instruction. With a background rooted in both military leadership, martial arts instruction, and professional golf education, Tyler embodies the qualities of discipline, communication, and excellence that define his approach to teaching the game.

As a former US Marine, Tyler honed invaluable leadership and communication skills that seamlessly transitioned into his role as a Teaching Professional. His commitment to excellence and passion for golf led him to pursue a career in golf instruction after completing his Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, graduating Magna cum Laude.

At Professional Golfers Career College in Temecula, Tyler gained extensive experience delivering personalized instruction to golfers of all ages and skill levels. Whether coaching adults seeking technique refinement or mentoring juniors in youth golf programs, Tyler’s approach is rooted in fostering a love for the game while helping players reach their full potential.

Tyler’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating a supportive learning environment where students feel empowered to explore and improve their game. His exceptional teaching and communication skills, coupled with a deep understanding of golf mechanics and swing dynamics, allow him to simplify complex concepts and inspire his students to achieve new levels of performance.

Throughout his tenure at Professional Golfers Career College, Tyler led engaging and informative golf clinics, coached youth golf programs, and managed a diverse portfolio of personal clients.
Off the course, Tyler is a passionate advocate for the growth and development of the game. He believes in the transformative power of golf to instill discipline, build character, and create lasting connections within the community.

As Tyler looks forward to the opportunity to bring his expertise and enthusiasm to The Vineyard Golf Course in Escondido, he is eager to contribute to the facility’s reputation for excellence and commitment to providing exceptional golf experiences. With his skills, experience, and unwavering dedication to the game, Tyler is poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of golfers at The Vineyard Golf Course.

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Jun 15, 2024,
4:00 pm

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Vineyard at Escondido
Jun 20, 2024,
6:00 pm

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